Oct 13, 2023CRAFT

Release Notes Best Practices: How to Make Them Clear and Engaging

In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with the best practices for creating release notes that are easy to understand and capture your users' attention.

Apr 19, 2023STARTUP

Why You Should Build in Public: The Power of Transparency in Growing Your Business

Building software in public can be a powerful way to grow your business, build a community of supporters, and establish trust and credibility with potential customers and investors.


Sentry vs. Rollup vs. Bugsnag: Comparison of error tracking and monitoring platforms

As a developer, application monitoring and error tracking are essential to ensure software applications run smoothly and efficiently. Three popular options for this are Sentry, Bugsnag, and Rollbar.

Mar 14, 2023DESIGN

Why We Choose To Use System Fonts

Custom fonts can be used to give a unique look and feel to a website. However, despite the potential benefits of custom fonts, there are good reasons to choose system fonts instead.

Mar 7, 2023TUTORIAL

Create a Custom Widget Launcher

This guide will show you how to create a custom launcher that perfectly matches your website. For instance, you could set up the Widget to run each time a user clicks the "Changelog" link on your website.

Mar 18, 2018ARCHIVE

Release Notes Are for Everyone

Release notes are for everyone. They provide useful information on the new features and improvements in each release. We built Onset to streamline ...

Feb 24, 2018ARCHIVE

More Visibility With Public Release Notes

Take control of what information is being shared about your platform. With Onset, you can publish your product releases publicly and in your own way...