Mar 18, 2018ARCHIVE

Release Notes Are for Everyone

Release notes are for everyone. They provide useful information on the new features and improvements in each release. We built Onset to streamline the process of product releases and improve communication between product owners and stakeholders.

In most cases, keeping an updated log of release notes can be very cumbersome and messy. Which eventually leads to the abandonment of the entire process. Onset strives to eliminate the clutter and, encourage strict version control consistent formatting, and act as a single source of truth for all your product updates.

Often, release notes are drafted by engineers or technical product leads who speak the same language. However, they’re not always consumed by a tech-savvy reader. Release notes should be understood and accessible by everyone, so be mindful of what you log. Avoid using complicated technical jargon, and never, ever dump GitHub commit logs into your release notes.

It’s assumed that your client success or sales team members have promised to follow up with their customers on product updates, feature requests, or bug fixes. For that reason, teams outside of product and engineering should be able to easily find and review your product changes without any hassle.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

And choosing how you update your team is crucial. Status updates sent via email and slack give confidence to stakeholders on what has changed in your product in a way that is comfortable and convenient to them.

Automating your processes, communicating your updates, and strengthening your relationships is possible with Onset. Because how you share is just as important as what you share.

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