Go further with features that give you more power, flexibility, and control.

Custom Branding

Customize the look of your page to mirror your brand.

Custom Domains

Select the domain you want to link to your release page.

Custom From Address

Send release notification from a custom email address.

Embeddable Widget

Display your product updates directly in your app.


Integrate complex services with Onset.


Trigger your custom hooks on every release.

Email Notification

Send email notifications to your subscribers.


Easy to use WYSIWYG Markdown Editor.

SemVer Support

Support for Semantic Versioning schema.

Video & Image Embed

Easily embed rich media in your changelogs.

Pinned Releases

Pin your significant product changes to the top.


Track how users are rating your product changes.

Email List Importing

Import your existing email list via CSV.

Free SSL Certificate

Secure your page with a free SSL certificate.

Private Releases

Publish release notes for internal eyes only.

Team Members

Invite your teammates to take part in the fun.


Allow your users to subscribe to receive notifications about your product changes.


Use labels to help organize releases in your organization.


Access all your public releases via JSON and RSS feeds.

🏁 Share LinkBeta

Share your releases with a one-time public link.

🏁 Password-protected PagesBeta

Password protect your page.

🚧 Page JWT SSOComing Soon

Use your existing authentication system.

🔥 Dark ModeNew

Dark color scheme for your page.

🏁 Page LanguageBeta

Configuring the default language of your page.

🚧 Multiple LanguagesComing Soon

Publish your release notes in various languages.


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