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Subscriber Lists

Organize your subscribers into lists and target them.

Email Templates

Multiple email templates to choose from.

Team Members

Designate organization admins who can add, remove, and manage members.


Group releases and roadmap features under one umbrella with projects.


Use labels to help organize items in your organization.

Subscriber Importer

Import subscribers from Mailchimp or by uploading a CSV.

Custom From Address

Customize notification email sender address.


Integrate complex services with Onset.


Trigger your custom hooks on every event.


AI Writer

Write better release notes with AI-powered writing assistant.


Write in Markdown or paste it directly and it will be converted into rich text automatically.

Media Embed

Embed media from YouTube, Loom and Vimeo.

Email Notification

Keep everyone in the loop with subscriber notifications.

Scheduled Releases

Automatically publish release notes at any time in the future.

Pinned Releases

Pin your significant product changes to the top.


Track how users are reacting to your product changes.

Shared Releases

Share your releases with people outside of your organization with a private link.

Private Releases

Publish release notes for internal eyes only.

SemVer Support

Support for projects that use the Semantic Versioning convention.

Custom Versioning

Customize the versioning schema to better fit your product cycle.



Allow users to vote on the roadmap features they're excited about.


Keep everyone informed about the progress and health of your roadmap items.


Collect roadmap features and prioritize based on user feedback.

Progress Tracker

Show the progress you're making toward completing the roadmap feature.

Private Roadmap

Share your roadmap with internal stakeholders and keep everyone aligned.

Read-only Mode

Hide upvote counts or completely disable voting.


Attach files and external links to your roadmap items.

Release Notes Reference

Link roadmap items to the release notes that shipped them.

Custom roadmap stages

Customize the stages to better fit your product cycle.



Choose from a variety of beautiful layouts to best fit your content.

Protected Scope

Granular page visibility and access control.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS gives you 100% control of every pixel of your page.

Custom Branding

Customize the look and feel of your page to mirror your brand.

Dark Mode

Dark color palette for your page.

Custom Domains

Host your branded page on your own custom subdomain.

Free SSL Certificate

Every custom domain gets a free SSL certificate.


Let your users subscribe to email updates so they always know what's happening.


Access all your public data via JSON and RSS feeds.

Password-protected Pages

Keep your page safe with your chosen password.

JWT Single Sign-on

Use your existing authentication system for seamless access.


Configuring the default language of your page.


Dark Mode

Dark color palette for the Widget.

Unread Badge

Display count of unread release notes.


Customize the Widget so that it feels completely at home on your product or site.

JavaScript SDK

Build tighter integration using the SDK. Available via NPM, Yarn and CDN.

Widget Builder

Visual, low-code Widget configuration and integration utility.


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