Feb 24, 2018ARCHIVE

More Visibility With Public Release Notes

Take control of what information is being shared about your platform. With Onset, you can publish your product releases publicly and in your own way.

Publishing public release notes for your products is a great way of keeping your customers in the loop and helping potential clients gain insight into how your tool is developing. Onset Public Pages allows users to subscribe to your projects and get updates directly in their email without you having to lift a finger.

Onset Public Pages are built to fit you and your company. That means you share as often as you want, to whom you want, and in the words that you chose.

Fully customizable, Onset Public Pages give you the ability to edit and adjust what your audience sees. Meaning you can customize your public page by uploading your logo, setting a brand color and custom domain, and more.

Release notes show the pulse of your product. Onset helps you share your way.

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