The Leading Release Management Platform

Keep your customers and stakeholders aligned and informed on the latest product changes.

The Leading Release Managment Platform

Keep everyone aligned and up to date.

👩🏽‍💼 Customers

Show progress to your users by keeping them up to date on the latest product changes.

  • Public Page
  • In-app Widget
  • Email Notifications
  • RSS Feed

🙌 Internal Teams

Communicate upcoming changes and celebrate major milestones with your team.

  • Private Release Notes
  • Slack Integration
  • Email Notifications
  • Password-protected Page


... survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss per company of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees.

Society for Human Resource Management

Home for your product updates

Give everyone a single source of truth, with a dedicated release notes page. Never deal with the "is it released?" email again.

  • ✉️ Subscriber Alerts
  • 😊 Release Feedback
  • 🎨 Custom Domain & Branding
Home for your product updates
Powerful editing experience

Powerful editing experience

Use our editor to effortlessly add images, videos, code snippets to your release notes.

  • 🔤 Markdown Support
  • 🖼️ Rich Embeds
  • 📝 Changelog Support

In-App Widget

A native, out-of-sight widget within your product for easy access to your release notes with a simple click.

In-App Widget

Integrates with your workflow

From Github to Statuspage, we offer integrations with your favorite apps and tools. Plus, you can write your own integrations with our API.