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Keep your team and users in the loop on the latest product changes, all in one place with Onset.

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Public Releases

Public Page

One source of truth for your users, with your published releases notes under a custom domain.
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Releases Widget

In-App Widget

A native, out-of-sight widget within your site for easy access to your releases with a simple click.

Multiple projects

Your products have many layers. Onset helps to support each with easy project categorization and management.

Private projects

Give employees one source of truth. Never deal with "what's the status" email again.


Update your users on what’s important to them with the right notification at the right time.

Team members

Enable collaboration and transparency between your team members.


Get quick pieces of feedback that are easy for your customers and useful for you.

Custom branding

Design the look of your releases and your Onset Public Page to mirror your brand.

Markdown editor

Easy and clean formatting, your way. It's that simple.

Statuspage widget

Show your product’s health status right on your Onset Public Page with the Statuspage app.

Release Notification & Subscribers

Take control of what information is being shared about your platform and to whom, through an easy to manage subscriber page.

Status updates sent via email and slack give confidence to subscribers on what has changed in your product.

Slack Mailchimp
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    Looks like one of the links broke in the last push. Fixing now...
  • Onset Onset APP
    [onset] New Application Release v{{this.$parent.latestRelease.version}}
  • Noa Hoover Noa Hoover
    This should work

Developer Friendly

curl -X GET \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -L ""

    "slug": "{{latestRelease.slug}}",
    "version": "{{latestRelease.version}}",
    "released_on": "{{latestRelease.released_on}}",
    "title": {{latestRelease.title ? '"' + latestRelease.title.trim() + '"' : "null"}},
    "description": {{latestRelease.description ? '"' + latestRelease.description.trim() + '"' : "null"}},
    "change_count": {{latestRelease.change_count}},
    "url": "{{latestRelease.url}}",
  • Project WebHooks

    Get notified about events that happen in your projects though WebHooks connections.

  • Version Schema

    Onset fully supports Semantic Versioning, Calendar Versioning and other versioning scheme templates to flawless integrate with your current processes.


    Access all your public releases via JSON and RSS feeds.

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